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Mandom Bifesta Moist Foaming Whip 180g

Mandom Bifesta Moist Foaming Whip 180g

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Mandom Bifesta Moist Foaming Whip 180g
Bifesta Foaming Whip is an aerosol Japanese carbonated cleansing foam. It dispenses an ultra-fine, dense foamy later that washes away dirt, sebum and dead skin cells without drying your skin.The foam's fizzy action helps loosen and float away impurities in the pores, and stimulates blood circulation, giving the effects of a quick facial massage.

Contains a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen for softer and more supple skin. It washes your skin while retaining moisture, leaves your skin richly moisturized after wash.

For all skin types, especially dehydrated skin

How to use?
Put some in palm and massage your face gently. Rise off with lukewarm water.

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