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Lalalee's Premium Korean Gel Nail Wrap,Gel Nail Sticker,Gel Nail Art

Lalalee's Premium Korean Gel Nail Wrap,Gel Nail Sticker,Gel Nail Art

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LaLaLee's Premium Gel Nail Wraps (GELLIKE DIA PARTS GEL NAIL STICKER) is easy to use which gives you a gel nail effect without visiting nail salon! Just simply peel and stick to your nails. On top of that, it comes with a rhinestone (PASSET DIA PARTS STICKER) which is the perfect item for your fancy nail by simply attach it to the nail surface. It can be used after applying nail colors, fake nails or regular nail wraps. It can also be applied to natural nails, and is recommended to use with a base coat or a base nail gel when the PASSET DIA PARTS is used on the bare nails.

This Gel Nail Wrap comes with 24 gel nail stickers, 4 rhinestones and a nail file

How to use Lalalee's Gel Nail Wrap?
1) Clean your hands and remove any oil on your nails.
2) Choose the right size of a nail wrap for your nail tip.
3) Peel the sticker from the sheet.
4) Firmly apply the sticker to your nail. AVOID nail bed.
5) Recommend a nail trimmer or a nail cutter to remove the excess of the nail wrap since gel nail wrap is thicker than the regular one, but you can still use a nail file to remove the excess of the nail wrap. When the nail file is used, move DOWNWARD and in ONE direction.
6) Attach the rhinestone (PASSET DIA PARTS STICKER) to nail surface.
7) Apply 1-2 layers of top coat to prolong the life of nail wrap which will last for 7-14 days.
You can also use GEL NAIL TOP COAT and cure it for 1-2 mins (follow the instruction of the gel nail top coat) and the nail wrap will last for 2 weeks or more.
8) Avoid water for 1-2 hrs.
9) Massage your hands with hand cream or oil to protect your nail (optional).

* If the weather is cold with low humidity, please warm up your hands and fingertips before application.
* For easy application, use nail buffer to smooth the nail surface.

Made in Korea

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