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24pcs Fake Nail/Press-on Nail with Glitters and Rhinestones in Japanese Style

24pcs Fake Nail/Press-on Nail with Glitters and Rhinestones in Japanese Style

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24Pcs Press-on Nails with Glitters and Rhinestones in Japanese Style

Introducing 24 Pieces of Japanese Style Press-On Nails with Glitters and Rhinestones

Experience Nail Art Excellence with our Latest Collection

  1. Enjoy vibrant and enduring colors with no fading or powder residue, while reveling in a stunning gloss.

  2. Impeccable craftsmanship ensures a smooth surface without any protrusions or notches.

  3. Our nail patches are crafted from premium materials, boasting an ultra-thin yet highly durable design that resists breakage.

  4. Discover unbeatable value without compromising on quality - an affordable option with remarkable performance.

How to remove press-on nails?

Simple removal steps for your nail patches for adhesive-based nails, you can allow natural detachment over time. Speed up the process by occasionally immersing your nails in warm water. Alternatively, you can opt for a quicker removal using a dedicated nail polish remover. Apply the solution around the nail's edges, allowing it to seep underneath, and then delicately peel off for a hassle-free experience.


Product name: False Nail

Type:Full Nail Tips

Material: Acrylic

Weight: 0.02kg


Feature: Long

Feature 1: Fake Nail with Design

Feature 2: Ballerina False Nails/Coffin False Nails

Feature 3: Press on nails

Feature 4: Nail tips

Feature 5: Nail supplies for professionals

Feature 6: Nail art

Feature 7: Stick-on nails

Feature 8: Fashionable 

Feature 9: French Long False Nails

Feature 10: Full Cover Artificial Nails

Gender: Girl, Woman

Product Category: Manicure


Package Included: 

1* False Nails (24Tips)

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