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FAQ | Product Concern

  1. What is the difference between "Medicated" and "Non-Medicated" Kose?
    "Medicated Sekkisei" is approved by Japan Ministry of Health. In Asia, Kose Sekkisei Series has "Medicated" wording on the package. Due to the popularity of Medicated Sekkisei among our customers, we offer mainly Medicated version but you will still find "Non-Medicated" Kose in our store. The "Non-Medicated" version includes Sekkisei Cleansing Powder, Seikisho products and Kose samples which are in original package and available in Asia and North America.

  2. Where your product from? Are they authentic?
    We have reliable suppliers in US and Asia. We do not hold large inventory and we stock up on products at least once a month to ensure their shelf life. All our products are authentic. We do not sell any counterfeit or fake products. For some skin care products, such as SK-II, Fancl, Juice Beauty and Apivita, you can find manufacturing or expiry date on product package.

  3. Why choose SK-II at BeautyKat?
    1) We only stock authentic SK-II products from Asia;
    2) By maintaining a strong relationship with our suppliers, we have frequent shipments and exclusive pricing at SK-II, therefore passing the savings to our customers. SK-II is manufactured in Japan so you will find our product descriptions are in Japanese, at the same time, some of our SK-II contain English Ingredient Labels or English Product Insertions for international market.