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FAQ | About Us

About Us - BeautyKat 卓嘉

BeautyKat was established in 2004 with the goal of providing customers with hard-to-find Asian skincare products, including SK-II, Sofina, Shiseido AnessaShiseido Elixir, Dariya Salon de Pro Hair Dye, and other beauty products from Asia. We use and stand by the products that we recommend.

In 2021, we decided to expand our horizons to nail products to enhance your online retail experience. We carefully select and design our products, as we have been doing since BeautyKat's launch in 2004. We also collaborate with partners worldwide to bring you the latest and highest quality products.

The Beginning of BeautyKat

No one knows what will happen, so seize your chance to make a difference.

This belief inspired us to create BeautyKat in 2004. We execute our business idea by providing sound advice and sharing our experience in beauty care through an array of hard-to-find products.

With this in mind, we continuously search for effective and refreshing products to expand your skincare selection. Our products are competitively priced and manufactured by well-known skincare companies primarily from Japan. We select them based on their uniqueness, flexibility, and effectiveness. BeautyKat abides by these criteria and is committed to staying true to them.

BeautyKat Mission

Our mission is to provide you with reliable information, a personal touch of product reviews, and a series of exclusive skincare and nail products from around the world. We take pride in our personal touch and ability to provide excellent and prompt service to our customers. We are proud of what we do and never seek to compromise the best interests of our customers.

Behind the Scenes

BeautyKat is inspired and led by a natural-born beauty junkie and a lively, practical engineer. A rather unconventional combination, but somehow this oddity comes together to present ideas from a fresh and different perspective.

Katherine, who is obsessed with beauty and has experience working with several beauty brands such as H2O+, Philosophy, Fresh, Bloom, and DDF as their branding and marketing manager in Hong Kong. She has received professional makeup training and also has experience working as an editor with several beauty publishing houses. BeautyKat reviews and blogs are displayed with her expert guidance, and she is also responsible for the marketing, editorial, and merchandising functions.

Winzy is the left brain of BeautyKat and conceptualizes the business ideas. Many times, he helps to rationalize the concepts into action. He is responsible for the execution and directing functions.