Review on Shiseido Elixir Whitening Tone up Massage Cream

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Sometimes our face needs a bit of a “workout” to improve blood circulation for radiant complexion. It doesn’t mean you have to slap your face but using a massage cream will definitely help!

I have been using this Shiseido Elixir Whitening Tone Up Massage Cream for about a month. It helps me to restore healthy complexion and brightens up my relatively dull skin complexion in Winter. I can see my skin tone a shade lighter after using it so I literally hook on it!

Review on Shiseido Elxir Whitening Tone Up Massge Cream

According to the product description, this massage cream contains Tranexamic Acid which is widely used in several Shiseido whitening products for skin brightening. Based on a research found in Journal Research in Medical Sciences 2014, 3% of topical Tranexamic Acid is proven effectively and safely for the treatment of melasma (patchy brown discoloration of the skin).

I wish this Whitening Tone Up Massage Cream contains 3% Tranexamic Acid but it contains only 2% - just slightly shy of it! Having said that, it is formulated with Collagen for skin hydration and light floral scent for relaxation so I will consider this massage cream is a good one that is suitable for normal to dry or dry skin with whitening concern.

Before and After using Shiseido Elixir White Whitening Tone Up Massage Cream

I use it 2-3 times a week after cleansing and toning. Just simply put some in palm and use my fingertips to massage my forehead, cheeks and eye areas. Since I have puffy eyes problem so I spend more time on dealing with it. I will massage my eye areas with this cream in circular motion then use my fingertips press on my inner eyebrows and temples for 5-10sec.

I will also rub my hands and place them on my entire face with slight pressure. The body temperature of my hands helping me to improve blood circulation and the whole experience is refreshing - my eyes feel less tired, skin looks firm and rosy.

Finally, use face tissue or hot damp towel to remove the cream and apply my regular face moisturizer as the last step of my skincare regimen.

The whole massage process only takes 10-15mins. I truly believe that everyone needs and deserves it, especially for someone who hooks on social media (yes, I am talking about you!)

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