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Review on Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring

I have been using Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring for a while. What I like the most is the color (my favorites are Cool Ash, Milk Tea Brown and British Ash) and its’ easy application. This is my life-saver as I don’t need to spend a whole afternoon seating at salon and shelling out a fortune to get my hair done!

Kao Liese Prettia Soft Bubble Hair Color is a foam type hair coloring that has been launched in the market for a few years but the hype is still there, and people never getting tired of using it and I am one of them.

Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring

The hair coloring contains two bottles of solution and one time usage of hair conditioner. I simply follow the instruction and mix the solutions into one (step 1);

Content of Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring

Then, invert the bottle slowly for 5 times (step 2);

Mixing of Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring

Squeeze the middle of the bottle to create rich foam (step 3);

Rich Foam of Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring

Apply the foam onto my hair and hair scalp for 20-30mins (step 4);

Apply Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring

Rinse it off with water (no shampoo is needed) till the water becomes clear (step 5);

Apply attached conditioner and massage your hair for 2-3 mins. Rinse off with water (step 6). 

Even though I don’t speak Japanese but the illustrations are clear enough for me to understand the usage of this product and it’s hard to fail!

One more tip to share with you, I will leave the hair coloring on my hair for at least 40mins if the weather is cold. I find that the color stays longer and looks more intense but if you have sensitive hair scalp, it is better to have patch test before using the hair dye.

This time I chose British Ash as I want to have dark color with a hint of greenish. It looks quite nice but after 2 weeks, the greenish is gone and my hair looks light brown instead.

It is a good hair coloring but bear in mind that it won’t last long. Would I use Kao Liese Prettia Hair Coloring again? Yes, coz it is easy to use and I love changing my hair color once in a while.

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