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Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara Review

I am always busy in the morning but my eyes look tired and swell anyway because of the salted chips I had last night and the allergy that everyone got in my state (yes, Oklahoma!).

Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara

Apart from applying tons of concealer on my eye areas, I find a good mascara is a must to open my eyes! I have tried both Imju Dejavu Mascaras from Japan. One is Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Mascara and the other is Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Volume Mascara Black and today, I am going to share my thoughts on Lash Knockout Mascara.

Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara Review

As you can see in the picture, the brush is pretty big (3cm!) so it is easy to apply to the upper lashes but for the lower lashes, I have to be cautious but it is still manageable. It does not contain any fiber but the content is thick and consistent so it adds a lot of volume to my straight lashes. It holds the curl very well so I don’t use eyelash curler anymore.

What I like the most?
No clumping; No smearing; It doesn’t irritate my eyes; Easy to remove – warm water will do the job! However, I will still use my cleansing oil to clean it as I need to remove my face makeup anyway.

Before and After - Application of Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara Black

What I don’t like?
The content is rich so it can be picked up more than I need. It is better to swipe the excess mascara on a tissue so you won’t have spidery look after using it; And because of its’ rich texture, it takes at least a minute to dry. If not, the wet lash can smear and smudge on my under eye areas!

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