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Dariya Salon de Pro One Push The Cream Hair Color Review

It’s almost annoying when it comes to cover my gray hair! I have to find a right product that is easy to use without irritating my dry scalp. Then, a right shade that is dark enough to cover my gray hair but not too dark to make my hair looks dull and bored.

Dariya Salon de Pro One Push The Cream Hair Color

I have tried several Japanese hair colorings, such as Kao Liese, Cielo, even niche brands 50 Megumi by Rohto and Brain Cosmos but I always go back to Dariya Salon De Pro because of the following reasons:

  • Kao Liese is designed for someone who wants to change their hair shade but not for coving gray hair, so I found it is too light or too ashy for my own use;
  • Cielo is a well known brand in Japan but its’ product is too harsh for my sensitive scalp. I always feel itchy after using it and the dandruff coming off uncontrollably;
  • The dyeing result of 50 Megumi by Rohto (below left) and Brain Cosmos (below right) do not last long and it’s time consuming to use them! They claim their formulations are gentle and natural so both brands require user to apply the colouring three times in a row for three days to cover the gray hair gradually. I follow the instructions but the result only lasts for few days! It is frustrating to see the color coming off as I spent so much time to use it (use it continuously for three days!). I think it might be the downside of the so-called “natural and gentle” formulation.

Other hair colorings

So how about Dariya Salon De Pro? I like this brand as it is affordable, easy to use and the color stays almost “forever” as I only need to touch up my hair root not my hair ends (see below picture before and after look). On top of that, the smell of this hair colouring is almost undetectable.

Left: Before
Right: After

Dariya Salon De Pro - Before and After

What is it? 
One box of Dariya Salon de Pro One Push The Cream Hair Color contains one bottle of hair dye, a plastic comb for application, a pair of gloves and instructions ain different languages. It has several shades in Asia, including 4V which is a brown reddish tone for coving grey hair. Having said that, this Japanese hair dye is formulated with Japanese (naturally black, bleached Asian) hair in mind and are most effective on hair of a similar quality. If you are not Asian, you may find this product doesn’t suit you.

Dariya Salon De Pro
Dariya Salon De ProDariya Salon De Pro

How to use?
1) Press the pump and the cream will come out from the bottle;
2) Leave it on the comb that comes with the package;
3) Use it on completely dry hair, starting from hair root and the side of the head. Then, sweep to the hair ends and comb evenly;
4) Leave it for about 15-20minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

It is pretty easy - just like combing hair as usual! The cream stays on the hair so well and no dripping at all! But I still wear my old dark t-shirt coz I don’t want to create any mess with my clothes.

Dariya Salon De Pro

What I like about Dariya Salon De Pro?
The smart design of this bottle allows me to dispense two dyeing agents at once. Any remaining agents are stored in the same bottle for future use. Since I only touch up my hair roots and the sides of my head, one bottle of hair dye can be used twice.

I chose 4V shade which gives me subtle yet shiny brown reddish result. I have been using this shade for almost 2 years and I am happy about it - it’s not too red which may not suit my age nor too dark which may look boring. I will say it is good enough to cover my gray hair and it contains 6 treatment ingredients which are Camellia Oil, Pearl Extract, Rosehip Oil, Hawthom Extract, Royal Jelly Extract and Seaweed Extract to moist and protect hair. It does provide a hint of shine to my hair which looks healthy and smooth.

Application of Dariya Salon De Pro

After using Dariya Salon De Pro

Dariya Salon De Pro doesn’t offer 4V red brown shade to the US market and the closest color is shade 4 (light brown). Although the color lasts for a year or more (I don’t need to touch up my hair ends), I have to trim my hair every 2-3 months as the color turns brownish which looks dry and dull. A rich conditioner or hair oil is recommended if you dye your hair regularly like me. I apply coconut oil to hair ends every night which helps me to prevent dryness and split ends tremendously!

Final Verdict:
Dariya Salon De Pro is a good, convenient hair dyeing product. I will use it once a month on my hair roots to cover grey hair. It is easy to use and the result is simply amazing. Since hair colouring product contains diamine, a coloring agent, and hydrogen peroxide, which may cause allergic reactions so I don’t suggest you to use it more than once a month. If this is your first time to use it, take all necessary precautions, including a patch test 48 hours before dyeing your hair. You will find a clear instruction in the package on how to perform a patch test.

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