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Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist Product Review


What is Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist?

Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist is formulated with gentle and hydrating ingredients to moist, brighten and soften dehydrated skin. Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist cares skin with its oriental herbal extracts while covering blemishes and dullness quickly and easily. It contains SPF40 and PA+++ to protect your skin for whole day long. It is mineral oil-free to prevent clog pores problem.

What do I think about Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist?

This is my 4th tube of Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist (see the above video about the texture of Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist). The old version is actually thicker than this one even though the latest version is named “moist” in the product title. Anyway, I think this product is suitable for all seasons but if you have very oily skin, I recommend using sebum control powder or matte makeup base primer prior to this BB Cream to create a smooth layer, which will also minimise sebum production for a fresh and long lasting makeup.

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How do I use Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist?

I use wet sponge to apply this BB Cream for even application but when I am in a rush, I just simply use my palm and fingers to warm up the BB Cream and apply it to my face. It sinks into my pores very well without creating a cakey, white cast of coverage which looks totally weird and I bet you don't want it 😧

It is convenient to use as Kose Sekkisei BB Cream Moist contains SPF40 protection so if I forget my daily sunscreen, this product will act as my last shield of sun protection to fight against UVA/UVB.

Kose Sekkisei BB Cream Moist comes with two shades: 01 is for fair to natural skin tone, while 02 is for natural to medium skin tone. I have fair to medium skin complexion so I can use both shades 🥰 

I choose shade 2 in Summer which perfectly matches my sun kissed skin tone for natural finish. In Winter, I prefer shade 1 as my skin complexion becomes fair during the season.

Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist SPF40 PA+++

Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist SPF40 PA+++

Review on Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist

What do I like the most about Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream?

I like the texture of the Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream Moist. It gives me satin finish - not too glossy and not too matte! On top of that, the coverage is good enough to cover my blemishes and even out my skin tone. 

This BB Cream is buildable so I can use more on both sides of my nose to fill up my pores. Then, I will gently press on loose powder to seal in the BB Cream for long lasting result.

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